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How much Financial Aid money will I receive if I am attending part-time, half-time, or less than half-time?

Students are paid both on units enrolled (less than half time, half time, three quarter time, or full time), and based on their EFC. In general, 12 or more units constitute full time enrollment, 9-11.5 units for three quarter time, and 6-8.5 units for half time enrollment. Once the student completes their financial aid file, they will be able to view their award letter from Financial Aid on Web Advisor that outlines their award based on full time attendance. Students may want to check with the Financial Aid Office if they are enrolling in less than half time to ensure they are still eligible to receive payment. It is important to note that students are ultimately paid on the number of units enrolled, and their disbursement check amount may differ from what is notated on the award letter if they are not enrolled in full time units at the time of disbursement.

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