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When will my Financial Aid money be disbursed?

Regularly scheduled disbursements occur throughout the semester.

You can find disbursement dates online at:

Students are paid based on units enrolled at the time of disbursement on the nearest disbursement date after they complete their financial aid file. Completing a financial aid file is not the same as completing the FAFSA application, as additional documentation is necessary before any award can be made. Students should ensure that they respond in a timely fashion to any request received for additional documentation, as not doing so will delay their award notification, and ultimately their disbursement. Students should be aware that there are file cut off dates in order to meet particular disbursement dates. Students who have already been awarded may check with the Financial Aid Office website for current scheduled disbursement dates. The college has ongoing disbursement dates throughout the semester, however, due to Federal regulations; students may not receive payment for classes more than 10 days prior to the start date of that class.

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