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When will I be able to find out if I'm no longer waitlisted but actually registered for my class?

You will be added to the class from the wait list in the event a registered student drops the class, AND if you are the highest ranking student on that wait list. (Example: Rank/Waitlist 1/5 would indicate that you are Rank "1" out of "5" on the Waitlist).

To checkup on the status of your waitlisted classes:
  • Go to WebAdvisor (,
  • Log In,
  • Click on the blue "Students" bar, then
  • Click on "Manage My Waitlist" under the "Registration" section.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are wait listed for any classes, you should check WebAdvisor regularly to see if you have been moved from "Wait listed" to "Registered" status.

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