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I made a mistake on my admissions application and it is not letting me go back and change it.  How can I fix this?

That would depend on whether or not you have SUBMITTED the application.  If you are in the process of completing the application and have not submitted it, then you can get ahold of CCC Apply Technical Support at 877-247-4836.

If you have already submitted the application, then in order to make any changes, you would need to fill out a Student Update Form.  This form will allow you to do a name change, change your major, address/phone number/email change, or correct your social security number or birth date.  You can pick up the form at Admissions and Records, or online at .  Fill out and turn in to Admissions.  You only need to fill out the applicable changes, not every section of the form.  Make sure you bring in a photo ID and if updating/changing your SSN bring your Social Security card. 
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