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Not eligible for registration message Admissions & Records
I made a mistake on my application. How do I fix it? Admissions & Records
When will my Financial Aid money be disbursed? Financial Aid
When will I be able to find out if I'm no longer waitlisted but actually registered for my class? WebAdvisor
How much Financial Aid Money will I receive Financial Aid
How do I receive my Financial Aid funds? Financial Aid
What is the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver and how do I apply? Financial Aid
How do I contact a financial aid specialist? Financial Aid
How long after I start school will I receive money from Financial Aid? Financial Aid
After I have applied, what are the steps to enrollment? Admissions & Records
How much Financial Aid money will I receive? Financial Aid
What classes do I need to take for a degree in Physical Therapy? Counseling
How do I access my Student Email Account? Student Email
Can I take a course at VVC that I failed twice before? Counseling
How long will it take for my Financial Aid application to be processed? Financial Aid
Does Victor Valley College offer the high school diploma or the GED? Counseling
What should I do to make sure I have a successful transfer? Transfer
What are the basic requirements to transfer into a bachelor's degree program? Transfer
Am I required to have a high school diploma or GED to attend Victor Valley College? Counseling
I am a high school student. What do I need to do to start classes at VVC? Counseling
When do I need to re-apply to VVC? Admissions & Records
What is the maximum number of units I can enroll in for the summer term? Counseling
If I want to apply for my associates degree, do I need to make a counseling appointment first? Counseling
If I am a returning student do I need to complete the Assessment and New Student Orientation? Counseling
How do I make a Counseling Appointment? Counseling
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