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What classes do I need to take for a degree in Physical Therapy? Counseling
I am a high school student. What do I need to do to start classes at VVC? Counseling
What is the maximum number of units I can enroll in for the summer term? Counseling
If I want to apply for my associates degree, do I need to make a counseling appointment first? Counseling
I heard that I can take only four classes per semester. Would I be able to take more classes? Counseling
Does Health 102 fulfill the General Education Natural Science requirement for the Associates degree? Counseling
Are my transcripts considered official if I opened them? Counseling
How do I apply for and obtain a vocational certificate? Counseling
Can I take a course at VVC that I failed twice before? Counseling
Does Victor Valley College offer the high school diploma or the GED? Counseling
Am I required to have a high school diploma or GED to attend Victor Valley College? Counseling
Which General Education (GE) classes do I need to take for my Associates of Arts/Science degree? Counseling
What are the prerequisites for the Nursing program? Counseling
What classes do I need to take to become a Medical Assistant? Counseling
What classes do I need to complete for an AS in Child Development? Counseling
How do I declare my major at VVC? Counseling
Can I get my Real Estate license at VVC? Counseling
How many classes can I take for the fall semester? Counseling
What classes do I need to complete to obtain my associates degree in psychology? Counseling
How many units is considered full time status for the fall and spring semesters? Counseling
Where can I enroll in a CPR course? Counseling
Can I receive two associates' degrees? Counseling
How do I obtain an Alcohol and Drug Studies Certificate? Counseling
How can I make sure that I am getting credit for the AP exams that I passed in high school? Counseling
What classes do I have to take to obtain a certificate in photography? Counseling
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