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Not eligible for registration message Admissions & Records
I made a mistake on my application. How do I fix it? Admissions & Records
When will my Financial Aid money be disbursed? Financial Aid
When will I be able to find out if I'm no longer waitlisted but actually registered for my class? WebAdvisor
How much Financial Aid Money will I receive Financial Aid
How do I receive my Financial Aid funds? Financial Aid
What is the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver and how do I apply? Financial Aid
How do I contact a financial aid specialist? Financial Aid
How long after I start school will I receive money from Financial Aid? Financial Aid
How much Financial Aid money will I receive? Financial Aid
After I have applied, what are the steps to enrollment? Admissions & Records
What classes do I need to take for a degree in Physical Therapy? Counseling
How do I access my Student Email Account? Student Email
Can I take a course at VVC that I failed twice before? Counseling
How long will it take for my Financial Aid application to be processed? Financial Aid
What should I do to make sure I have a successful transfer? Transfer
Does Victor Valley College offer the high school diploma or the GED? Counseling
What are the basic requirements to transfer into a bachelor's degree program? Transfer
Am I required to have a high school diploma or GED to attend Victor Valley College? Counseling
I am a high school student. What do I need to do to start classes at VVC? Counseling
When do I need to re-apply to VVC? Admissions & Records
What is the maximum number of units I can enroll in for the summer term? Counseling
If I want to apply for my associates degree, do I need to make a counseling appointment first? Counseling
If I am a returning student do I need to complete the Assessment and New Student Orientation? Counseling
How do I make a Counseling Appointment? Counseling
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