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City Curfew

Yes, there is a curfew in Allen. Persons age sixteen (16) and younger are prohibited from public...

Police - Ride Along Program

Yes. Persons from the media, citizens, off-duty officers, police chaplains, Citizens on Patrol,...

Police and Sex Offenders

Any person with a "reportable conviction or adjudication" who resides, works or attends school in...

Car Impoundment

Call 214.509.4321 to inquire about impounded cars.

Police and Non-Emergencies

Call 214.509.4321 if you need assistance with a non-emergency situation.

Offense Report

A written open records request must be made to the Allen Police Department. There is no fee...

Police - Check My Pending Case

To check on your case or talk to the assigned investigator or call 214.509.4239.

Police and Obtaining a Protective Order

Questions concerning a criminal protective order or a Temporary EX PARTE order, please call...

Domestic Violence Information

For assistance call Hope's Door at 972.422.2911 for information on domestic violence.

Victim Resources

Yes. Please call our Crime Advocate at 214.509.4254 for assistance.