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The mission of the City Claims Office is to provide an efficient and professional level of claims service on behalf of the City of Memphis.

The office is responsible for investigating all claims for damages against the City of Memphis, attending to settlement of such claims under the direction of the City Attorney and assisting in the preparation of all lawsuits.

Before proceeding with your claim, please review the items listed below and make sure you have the required files in order for your claim to be processed.
These files will be able to be uploaded from your device before submitting the claim for review.

  1. A copy of a state-issued ID (ex. Driver’s license) for an individual OR a W-9 form for a business or company (for ALL claims)
  2. Two legitimate estimates of damages OR receipts of damage repairs (for property damage/loss claims)
  3. Unaltered copies of all medical bills or other related expenses (for bodily injury claims)
  4. Copy of police report (if available)
  5. Photographs of defect (if available)
  6. Photographs of damages (if available)
  7. Statements from witness(es) (if available)
  8. Any other documents that will support the claim (if available)
If you are unable to file a claim electronically, please click on the printable claim form and follow the instructions in the letter attached. Printable Claim Form

Failure to attach the necessary documents will result in a denial of your claim.